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plen + 48 41 357 56 16 Pn-Pt 07:00 - 15:00 ul. Przemysłowa 11, 28-400 Pińczów
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Przedsiebiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe „EKO-INŻ” Misztal Spółka Jawna (Eko-Inż General Partnership Company for Manufacturing, Trade, and Service) was established in 1992. Its name originates from its initial activity i.e. manufacturing environmental protection equipment. Over the years, the company’s activity scope increased remarkably including not only fabrication of steel structures and processing installations but also their transport and site erection.

At the moment the company personnel numbers over 150 persons, among them qualified welders, fitters, turners, assemblers and an experienced staff of engineers (among them process engineers and production managers as well as specialists for welding, quality assurance and anticorrosive protection).

The company accomplishes investment projects as well as overhauls and modernizing tasks for cement, gypsum, and limestone processing industries as well as for thermal-electric power plants inland and abroad. Observing our traditional priorities we still keep manufacturing environment friendly dewatering compactors for sewage treatment plants and paper mills. EKO-INŻ.’s export share in the EU and the world’s market as regards steel structures increases year after year.

Production equipment

Owing to a large variety of processing equipment like modern CNC working machines, semi-automatic welding sets and crane units in our production rooms we are in a position to manufacture nearly all high-precision steel structures.

Production process optimization

By way of appropriate production planning as well as respective production cost optimization we can offer competitive prices and short accomplishment times.

Experienced personnel

Our highly qualified engineers and welders assure high quality as regards prefabrication as well as assembly and erection of steel structures.


During 25 years of the company’s activity our attention was focused at a permanent development of our personnel’s skills as well as of our production capabilities.

Our activity is aimed at a permanent training i. e. raising qualifications of our engineer staff as well as improving skills of our production personnel. Numerous welder certificates and licences as well as the quality assurance personnel’s certificates as regards non-destructive and anticorrosive protection tests bear witness thereto.

In the last couple of years we effected some investment acquisitions like a processing line for cutting and drilling in sections, a CNC lathe and a plasma cutting device. All those investment acquisitions are aimed at optimizing manufacturing processes and reducing production costs so that competitive prices could be offered to our customers.


Our qualified welding and erection personnel as well as a technological assistance of our engineers and quality assurance specialists are a guarantee of the top level workmanship.


We have a number of licences for us as a qualified and approved manufacturer of steel structures of the grade (class) EXC3 as per EN 1090-2, non-destructive test licences included.

Process engineering

The production line for cutting and drilling in sections as well as the CNC plasma cutter equipped with a 3D processing head and the CNC lathes enable us to apply the newest top technologies for manufacturing steel products.

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