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plen + 48 41 357 56 16 Pn-Pt 07:00 - 15:00 ul. Przemysłowa 11, 28-400 Pińczów
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Our offer

Owing to a large variety of processing equipment we are in a position to cope with executing particularly high-precision production assignments. Thanks to the newest solutions of the production engineering applied to machining steel elements inclusive of cutting and drilling in sections and sheets/plates we can assure a high quality of final products. The crane systems and the size of production rooms make it possible for us to manufacture big-size elements. Our additional trumps are the roller stands, welding devices, through shot -blasting machines and painting room. They enable us to carry out all the fabricating operations necessary for obtaining steel structures as final products.

In several last years we effected some investment acquisitions like the production line for cutting and drilling in sections, CNC lathe and plasma cutting device. All the investment acquisitions are aimed at optimizing production process and reduction of production costs so that we could finally offer competitive prices to our customers.

3 production rooms

We have 3 production rooms of the following operational sizes:

  • 100m x 28m x 7,2m
    (overhead travelling cranes and outriggers of 5 and 10 tons lifting capacity)
  • 80m x 22m x 6,8m
    (overhead travelling cranes and outriggers of 3 and 5 tons lifting capacity)
  • 24m x 12m x 6m
    (overhead travelling cranes and outriggers of the lifting capacity up to 3 tons)

Painting room

Painting room of the following size:
30m x 12m x 6m

Shot blasting machine

Through shot blasting machine (oper. width: max. 1,5 m ) and shot blasting chamber (for big-size module elements)

Production line Voortman

We dispose of the Voortman production line for cutting sections and for drilling holes in those steel sections. With the saw V1250 and the operational module V630 we can automatically cut section beams into ready-made modules and drill holes there vertically and horizontally. Laser measuring sensors enable measuring exactly the length of the beams being fabricated while the drills are taken out and installed automatically that results in reduction of the time necessary for a tool change at the work-stand.

Plasma cutting device 3D

We dispose of the CNC cutting table sized 12.000 x 3.000 mm with a movable slide equipped with a head 3D for the plasma cutting as well as with a head for the oxygen-acetylene cutting. Owing to the newest hybrid-circuit power supply of 460 A we can provide a high-quality cutting together with edge bevelling of metal sheets gauged up to 40 mm (plasma cutting) and even over 100 (gas cutting). The said device ( model SHP 460) together with the complete outfit for the plasma cutter was supplied by the company AJAN.

Rolling mill

We have the rolling mill for coiling metal sheets even up to 40 mm. Depending on the material gauge and the bending radius as well as the length of the cylinder segment to be coiled we can match appropriate rolling adjustments to achieve a required final product. With possible queries concerning quotation or fabrication particulars and possibilities please contact us directly.


We are in possesion of general-purpose semi-automatic lathes and the CNC lathe, among them one that enables turning elements of dia. up to 1800 mm and of length up to 9600 mm.

Other equipment

Apart from the above we have press brakes for bending and shaping metal sheets, pipe benders and many semi-automatic welding devices. For prefabrication and assembly/erection purposes we also use a variety of the crane equipment like overhead travelling cranes, column outriggers, our own mobile crane (25 ton) and fork lifts.

Our capabilities

Our experience in fabrication of big-size steel structures used in industrial processing systems and buildings is our principal trump. We dispose of the highly qualified specialist staff. Our production equipment enables us to take on the most complicated fabrication challenges.


Our qualified welding and erection personnel as well as a technological assistance of our engineers and quality assurance specialists are a guarantee of the top level workmanship.


We have a number of licences for us as a qualified and approved manufacturer of steel structures of the grade (class) EXC3 as per EN 1090-2, non-destructive test licences included.

Process engineering

The production line for cutting and drilling in sections as well as the CNC plasma cutter equipped with a 3D processing head and the CNC lathes enable us to apply the newest top technologies for manufacturing steel products.