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CustomedPAM - Saint Gobain
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PAM - Saint Gobain

SAINT-GOBAIN PAM is the world leader in manufacturing complex pi ping systems from a ductile cast iron. With their activity in 25 countries they are the World’s leader in manufacturing pi ping elements and accessories, fittings and fixtures for water supply and sewerage. Eko-Inż accomplished for St Gobain group an order covering design, prefabrication as well as assembly and erection of the reactor plant for retaining industrial dust arising during agglomeration of a scrap material as a recycled raw material for St Gobain-PAM’s steelworks blast-furnaces. The said investment project comprised prefabrication and a site assembly/erection of the 50 m high reactor unit together with a nearly 3,5 m dia. flue-gas outlet duct. The a/m investment project also covered design and prefabrication of respective supporting structures, hot galvanized staircase structure, communications platforms and piping compensators.

Reduction of industrial gas amount

Currently Winding European standards are becoming more and more tough as regards industrial plants like steel mills. The scrap material agglomerating units that prepare recycled raw material for steelworks blast-furnaces are equipped with reactors neutralizing negative impact of industrial dust that undergoes then a recirculation or is removed as a decomposable industrial waste.

The estimated reactor steel-structure weight amounted to nearly 400 ton. The design, prefabrication, assembly and erection was accomplished within 5 months. Considering the particularly short execution time the most important thing was the co-ordination of work between the design office and prefabricating workshop with the use of appropriate fabrication technologies as well as a co-operation with sub-suppliers and co-operating partners (suppliers, workshops, galvanizing plants, forwarding).


An important thing during the order execution was also an appropriate information exchange between the investor’s production engineering Staff and the designers. The 3D design model and the generated then workshop detailed documentation constituted a base for the proper order accomplishment.


Long-time experience of our fitters, welders, foremen , subforemen and engineering staff contributed to the correct accomplishment of the order. In spite of respective design changes and revisions arisen during the advanced phase of the erection we succeeded in reacting promptly and solving the arisen problems.

Implementation schedule

Considering the strictly limited implementation time an important thing was also reporting regularly the work progress as well as responding quickly to the arisen design changes.

Summing up

Designing and building the reactor unit was a subsequent task entrusted to Eko-Inz by St. Gobain Group. Considering our long-time collaboration with the customer, despite substantial design changes, we succeeded in accomplishing the order in due time without delay. Our trump is also experience in accomplishment of erections on sites abroad. Moreover, courageous and innovative ideas regarding the erection process as well as technological solutions facilitating the erection process on site constitute a trump enabling us to shorten the erection time on site. Owing to the above we are able to come up to expectations of the most particular customers as well as to those regarding short execution time. Should you be interested in co-operating with us as regards prefabrication or erection you are invited to place inquiries with us.