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Clientto the order of Mostostal Kraków for Veolia Łódź EC 3 (final user)
CategoryFabrication / Assembly

Veolia Łódź EC 3

Veolia Polska is a leading business group introducing technical solutions as concerns power production and distribution, water and sewage treatment economics. The companies Veolia Energia Łódź S.A. together with Alstom , being the world leader as regards power production and distribution , the respective equipment manufacturing and supplying as well as the rail transport rolling stock manufacture and supplies, concluded an agreement to build the flue gas desulphurization plant (FGDP). Thus Alstom became the general contractor supplying the newest technology of semi-dry desulphurization NID (Novel Integrated Desulfurization). The system installed with the Thermal-Electric Power Station EC3 constitutes a 6-modules installation for cleaning flue gas from 2 boilers OP130 and 3 boilers OP230 with station numbers K1, K2, K3, K6 and K9 belonging to Veolia Energia Łódź SA. Putting in operation with commissioning was planned for early 2017.

Conformity with IED (Industrial Emissions Directive)

Owing to the installation FGDP the SO2 share in flue gas should be maintained on the level under 200 mg/Nm3, and a dust concentration in the flue gas should be reduced to max. 20 mg/Nm3. Thus the above levels would be guaranteed to remain in conformity with the European Parliament’s Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). It should remarkably improve ecological condition in the voivodeship (province, region) of Łódź.

To the order of Mostostal Kraków , one of the contractors for the investment order concerned, late 2015 and early 2017 Eko-Inz supplied, assembled, and set up 2 silos for the final product and 1 silo for the lime , all the 3 protected against corrosion and weighing totally some 200 tons. While executing the order a very important thing was a trilateral co-operation among the three companies: the general contractor Alstom, the orderer Mostostal Kraków ,and the sub-contractor Eko-Inz on many levels. A very important thing for succeeding in the order execution was co-ordinating the fabrication schedule, quality inspection plan, acceptance inspection schedule, dispatch timing as well as assembly and erection process on the erection site with one another.

Prefabrication, assembly, and erection schedule

A substantial element during the order execution is co-ordinating the works in our workshops and on the erection site through appropriate planning and preparing properly the implementation schedule.

Quality inspection/assurance

During the order execution a particular attention was paid to the multi-level quality inspection also covering a detailed assessment of the general contractor’s i. e. Alstom’s inspectors.

Work safety and hygiene

Considering the investor’s particular requirements as to the work safety and hygiene a special attention was paid to the safety issues during the assembly and erection works.

Summing up

In the period from September till December 2015 Eko-Inz prefabricated and supplied on the erection site 2 final-product silos and 1 lime silo. Successive supplies of the single silo jacket segments were matched with the site assembling progress. Late 2015 it started a final assembly and setting up the silos on the supporting structures with the use of cranes. The erection works also covering the final anticorrosive protection coating as well as modifications resulted from the necessity of adapting the chutes to the customer’s wishes were finalized within the subsequent three months.

Should you be interested in co-operating with us as regards similar investment issues comprising prefabrication and erection on site do not hesitate to contact us.