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CustomerVeolia Wschód Sp.z.o.o. – Co-operation: EMKA
CategoryFabrication / Invitation to bid

Veolia Łódź EC 3

Late December 2015 a long-time collaboration between Eko-Inz and Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Przemysłowego EMKA resulted in ta king a common action aiming at establishment of a joint- venture syndicate in order to implement the project for Veolia Wschód Sp.z.o.o. Both the business entities set for themselves a common aim to win and execute an order within the scope of the invitation to bid as regards a number of works to be carried out in the works in Świdnik. The scope of the order woul d comprise demolishing a ferro-concrete stack with an inner ceramic lining as well as building a new double-jacket chimney stack 70 m high and a temporary chimney stack with a flue-gas duct. Eko-Inz would be liable for prefabricating and delivering the new chimney stack with anticorrosive protection to the place of destination.


Owing to a long-time collaboration with the experienced executor of complex orders we are in a position to carry out even the most exacting modernization investment orders. Since we are aware as regards design issues and due to applying necessary expertises as well as our common experience covering fabrication and erection we are able to optimize respective costs thus facilitating for a customer to take proper investment decisions.

The stack segments were transported in September 2016 and the whole implementation process was due to terminate by the end of 2016. Having gathered a long-time experience in designing, carrying out technical expertises as well as in assembling and erecting ceramic and ferro-concrete chimney stacks the EMKA company was liable for the other stages of the accomplishment.


Thanks to the experience gathered during 25 years of executing investment orders we are able to respond quickly to possibile alterations arising suddenly as a result of respective design revisions.

Production engineering

Owing to a large operating area of the roll stand we are capable to carry out big-diameter cylindrical elements. Using welding heads and semi-automatic sets contributes significantly to speeding up the process of interconnecting segments of a chimney stack jacket.

Anticorrosive protection

Matching and applying properly anticorrosive protection coating / layers constitutes a particularly important question worth paying attention to when you execute investment orders as regards chimney stack construction. The said procedures have a substantial impact on a long-time steel structure protection as well as on the protective coating endurance while exploiting chimney stack in adverse weather conditions.

A clearly declared willingness to further co-operate is observed both on the part the EMKA and Eko-Inz managing boards. A question of taking further co-operation is being considered very seriously not only as regards occasional invitations to tender but also as concerns founding an industrial association assembling all the interested parties both the ordering as well as mandatory/contractor ones that would represent various industrial branches like power , paper and steel production, communal/municipal economy etc.

Summing up

Owing to similar accomplished orders and respective business relations we are capable of carrying out even the most exacting investment orders. Thanks to a clear and transparent task partition as well as due to activity co-ordination between investor, designers and contractors we can assure accomplishment of the commodity delivery fairly and in time. Should you be interested in taking on such a co-operation or applying for membership of the Industrial Association please get in touch with us.