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plen + 48 41 357 56 16 Pn-Pt 07:00 - 15:00 ul. Przemysłowa 11, 28-400 Pińczów
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About us

Przedsiebiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe „EKO-INŻ” Misztal Spółka Jawna (Eko-Inż General Partnership Company for Manufacturing, Trade, and Service) was established in 1992. Its name originates from its initial activity i.e. manufacturing environmental protection equipment. Over the years, the company’s activity scope increased remarkably including not only fabrication of steel structures and processing installations but also their transport and site erection. At the moment the company personnel numbers over 150 persons, among them qualified welders, fitters, turners, assemblers and an experienced staff of engineers (among them process engineers and production managers as well as specialists for welding, quality assurance and anticorrosive protection). The company accomplishes investment projects as well as overhauls and modernizing tasks for cement, gypsum, and limestone processing industries as well as for thermal-electric power plants inland and abroad. Observing our traditional priorities we still keep manufacturing environment friendly dewatering compactors for sewage treatment plants and paper mills. EKO-INŻ.’s export share in the EU and the world’s market as regards steel structures increases year after year.

Our manufacturing scope

  • Steel structures
  • Service and communication platforms
  • Vessels and silos
  • Pipings
  • Chimney stacks
  • Electro-filters (electrostatic precipitators)
  • Bag filters
  • Cracking furnaces with refractory lining (Cracking and reforming furnaces?)
  • Air and flue gas ducts
  • Screw and piston dewatering compactors for sewage treatment plants and paper mills
  • Heat exchangers
  • Installations and equipment for treatment and transport of dust from cement kilns in cement plants and and smelting furnaces in steel mills

Certificates and references

Our activity review

Steel structures

Steel structures as per EN ISO 1090 (grade EXC3) together with necessary service and communication platforms, railings and ladders.

Silos, vessels and chimney stacks

Manufacture of big-size cylindrical vessels like silos, cisterns as well as chimney stacks.

Cracking and reforming furnaces

Steel frames of the furnaces together with their radiation and convection heat exchange modules, flue gas ducts, chimney stacks, decoke steam drums and processing chambers

Overhauls, modernization and investment projects

Repair works, replacing intensive wear elements, accomplishing modernization projects with leading limestone processing and cement plants in Poland.

Erection and assembly works

Assembly and erection works with electro-power module blocks, ducts, electro-filters, chimney stacks, silos, and reactors among others In Poland, France, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine and numerous other countries.

Screw and piston dewatering compactors

Pressing devices for removing water excess from refuse material arising with sewage treatment plants and paper mills.

Completed projects

For the last couple of years we have accomplished a wide range of orders from our regular customers. Some of them co-operate with us for over 20 years. Here you can see a set of our exemplary production and erection accomplishments from the last years.

Press release

Career and vacancies

Employment with Eko-Inż gives you opportunity for the personal professional development as well as for your engagement in our team activity. If you intend to join our master staff as regards production engineering for steel structures and metal products apply now. Designing and production engineers as well as sales advisors / engineers, welders, fitters and CNC machine operators are invited.

Our experience

  • Attention to positive relationships with customers can have their origin only on the basis of mutual trust that can be built only through proper and competent execution of product and services.

    Stanisław Misztal
    Managing Director
  • Fluid situation, funding and increasing profit is the only guarantee of progress that allows for continuous development through investment in technology and human resource base.

    Joanna Sobolewska
    Financial Director
  • Following the latest technologies in the manufacturing of steel structures we are able to optimize the production costs of providing competitive prices.

    Marcin Misztal
    Production Director
  • Besides the economic result of the completion of the engineering implementation, it is important that we produced something functional and serving for the common good.

    Dariusz Dzierżak
    Project Manager
  • Ensuring proper Quality Control has a positive effect on the final result of the product and customer satisfaction.

    Grzegorz Buski
    Quality Control Specialist
  • Only proven and reliable supplier of material for the production can ensure the success of the project.

    Tomasz Sajtyna
    Head of Purchasing and Materials Management